Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Timber Timbre - Black Water - Katie Mooney

I'm thrilled to present not only Art for Art's very first blog post, but its very first artistic contribution by Calgary local, Katie Mooney. Katie drew inspiration from Timber Timbre's track "Black Water" (see below) and created a poster out of her listening experience. Read what Katie has to say about the track and her own creative process:

Timber Timbre is an Ontario based band known for their shadowy dense sound. When Timber Timbre's fourth album Creep on Creepin' On came out last summer, the fourth track on the record, "Black Water", was a stand out favourite. The band has a very distinct tone - dark, almost swampy, with a blues base. This track is no exception. As soon as I hear "Black Water" I picture a slow motion action scene, almost like an astronaut suspended in space, or a deep sea diver floating at the bottom of the ocean. "Black Water" calls to mind unknown depths and the deep dark secrets that linger there.

View Timber Timbre's music video here:

Katie Mooney is an Interior Design student at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. When she is not working or drafting, she spends her time swooning over bearded bands, starting (but never quite finishing) craft projects, and collecting vintage matchbooks, shoes, and useless home oddities. She loves her sister, McDonald's, and the colour red.

Katie borrows Irving Penn's photo "Deep Sea Diver" from his Small Trades series.

Katie's contribution:

Feel free to share your thoughts on Katie's project, as well as any of your own ideas and thoughts inspired by Timber Timbre in the comments section below. Art for Art is always happy to hear from you. I encourage you to check out more tracks by Timber Timbre, either at their official website or at their Canadian record label, Arts&Crafts.

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