Friday, 2 December 2011

Feist - The Water - Katie Mooney

Feist is certainly a favourite of mine and it would seem, a favourite of this blog. When Katie showed me what she was working on for her Art for Art project the connections to Feist were already there. Katie, an interior designer, is naturally obsessed with geometric shapes (I'm not sure if that's natural but I'm trying to normalize Katie here). What is so interesting about Katie's project is that it shares obvious similarities to Feist's merchandise (think triangles) and interestingly, Katie hadn't seen any of Feist's new designs until after she completely finished her poster. In this poster project, Katie takes another track from Feist's The Reminder, "The Water", and reinterprets her listening experience through images.

Here is Feist's "The Water":

And here is Katie's interpretation:

What stands out to me when I hear "The Water" is its echoey, but almost muffled, sound mixed with Feist's piercing voice during the chorus. In the poster, the selected images reflect the beautiful and the scary: the deep wide ocean, the bubbling waves, the cliffside of a mountain, and while each have such beautiful elements, they also have their dangerous side. The triangles emphasize the sharpness and the harshness of the dangers Feist talks about, but their touching sides portray their connectivity and how we often confuse or forget about these elements.

This is Katie's second contribution to Art for Art. Her first contribution, inspired by Timber Timbre, can be found here. For more on Katie, visit the contributors page.

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